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Descend into Hamburg's “netherworld” and explore the city's bunkers, tunnels, and catacombs.

Underground Tour

Hamburg Underworld Tour

You’d like to explore a nuclear shelter next to Hamburg’s Central Train Station?
This tour would definitely be something for you! The underground facility was primarily built for train travelers. After you entered the shelter through its original entryway, the guides will show you the building. The halls you will walk through reaches length up to 80 meters. You will see many of its 150 rooms and learn about the history of Hamburg, the bunker, World War II and the ‘cold war’ in Europe. In addition, you will learn what life and survival in the shelter would have been like, and how the technical equipment works. The Hamburger Unterwelten e.V. are a non-profit association who are researching and documenting the subterranean buildings in Hamburg. 
Please note that most of the tours are guided by German-speaking volunteers, so the number of English guided tours and the available space on these tours is limited.

Follow this Link to get further information (only German).

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