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Major players from the worlds of business, academia and politics in five federal German states work together in the maritime cluster.

Maritime Cluster

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) promotes and develops cooperation in the Northern German maritime industry.

It gives the industry a voice, creates platforms so that stakeholders can interact with one another, and promotes interfaces with other industries — innovative, technology-oriented and forward-facing. From shipbuilding, engineering and ocean technology to shipping and offshore activities, the maritime economy has many facets and enormous future potential. In Northern Germany this has already been a key industry for decades and will continue to play a decisive role in determining future economic development.

Since 2011, the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) has been promoting networking among the various players in the maritime industry. MCN is the interface between the various players from business, academia and politics. It creates platforms for dialogue, promotes contacts to other relevant industries and networks, and supports its members in their efforts to develop ideas, services and products in order to establish them in the marketplace.

Germany, as an export country, needs a high-performance maritime industry. Future challenges depend on innovative solutions for matters that connect the sea to the shore. The maritime sector secures well over 400,000 jobs in Germany and the activities of the industry as well as the work of scientific research institutions largely concentrated in Northern Germany. These maritime institutions and enterprises in the region form an important cluster across a variety of networks. The states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein support the cross-state cluster formation through the MCN.

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Maritime Cluster