Creative Industries

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Hamburg's creative industries are among the financially most viable and vibrant in Germany. Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is open to all players in this sector as a contact, service and information centre.

Creative Industry

Every day, Hamburg's think tanks, renowned advertising and design agencies, film studios, bands, music producers and the digital economy create new concepts, projects, advertising slogans and art. With their ideas, the city's designers, architects and developers change the world. This makes the creative industries not only an unending source of inspiration but also the third-strongest economical driving force in the city.

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

The agency Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft was set up in 2010 as a municipal service facility to provide orientation and brokerage to those active in the creative sector. It supports artists and others creatives with the establishment of their businesses.

The design economy with its 3,000 businesses and about 14,000 employees is an especially strong financial factor. The extremely heterogenous creative branch includes world-famous advertising agencies and architects such as Jung von Matt, Gerkan or Marg & Partner. Fashion designers like Anna Fuchs, musicians like Jan Delay, Udo Lindenberg and a multitude of lesser-known underground artists do their part to put Hamburg on the map.