Covid-19 Transfer of a Foreign Vaccination Certificate

How to convert your proof of vaccination into a European vaccination certificate.


Transfer of a Foreign Vaccination Certificate - Hamburg Welcome Portal

If you were vaccinated outside the EU, your vaccination certificate or QR code can often not be read by the European system.

However, you can have your vaccination certificate converted into a European vaccination certificate and also obtain the European QR code. This will allow you to quickly and easily prove your vaccination per app.

Not all vaccines are licensed in the EU. Vaccinations with non-approved vaccines cannot be transferred.
More information about the Digital COVID Certificate can be found on the page of the European Commission.

Transcription at the Vaccination Center

Request an appointment at the Vaccination Center to have your vaccination record transcribed.
Important: Please attach your vaccination certificate with batch number (also called lot number).
This can be done via email to  or by mail to the following address:
Beltgensgarten 2
20537 Hamburg

Obtain QR-Code

The digital vaccination certificate with QR code can subsequently be created at a pharmacy. For this you need the documents from the vaccination center, your passport and vaccination certificate.

The digital proof contains your name and date of birth, as well as information on the time of vaccination and the vaccine. The pharmacies take this data from your passport and yellow vaccination certificate and enter it into a system. The vaccination certificate is then generated in the form of a QR code and you receive a printout of it.

You can then scan this QR code using your smartphone and save it in the "CovPass" app provided by the Robert Koch Institute or the Corona Warn App.
Of course, it is also possible to carry the printed QR code with you - for example, if you are afraid that the yellow vaccination card might wear out too much or be stolen on vacation.