Science City Bahrenfeld Research and Innovation Park Altona

In the planned Altona Innovation Park, startups and science-driven companies will research and explore new technologies and innovations.

Symbolic image: Research and Innovation Park Altona, Hamburg, Germany

Science City Bahrenfeld's Research and Innovation Park Altona

New technologies and the free and open exchange of knowledge are key resources for both startups and economic development alike. Integral to the mingling of science and industry, these processes will find unique support in the area of Vorhornweg in Science City Bahrenfeld. With close proximity to DESY, the University of Hamburg and various other scientific institutions, Vorhornweg and the planned Technology Center will create new spaces for startups and companies young and established alike. Research and product development will come together in a unique way in this ecosystem formed by the Innovation Park, research campus, and the world's largest X-ray laser ― the European XFEL. 

Additionally, the DESY site will house an incubator for supporting the relationship between research and product development, offering a network to businesses and scientists working towards market maturity. Plans for the Technology and Incubation Center put an emphasis on startups and innovation in high-tech areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and the exploration of new, intelligent materials. The entire site will be dedicated to research and development in the areas of life science, nano- and laser technology, and material sciences.

Equipped with flexible surfaces, co-working areas, common rooms and high-quality laboratories, the buildings at Innovation Park will be prepared for new forms and styles of work and research. Communal green areas will provide the workplace with vibrant areas for innovation and exchange, and workers will also benefit from close proximity to the Volkspark for a wide range of recreation and leisure activities.

With an environment like that provided by Science City Bahrenfeld’s Innovation Park, who knows what kind of exciting developments the future holds? 

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