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Science City Bahrenfeld will be a modern, vibrant neighbourhood with a high quality of life and plenty of green space.

Science City Bahrenfeld, Hamburg, Germany

Living in Hamburg's Science City Bahrenfeld

One of the pillars upon which Science City Bahrenfeld is the belief in creating a strong mixture of work, research, living and open spaces. The mingling of science and university facilities with plentiful housing options will help build a diverse, lively district from the ground up. Schools and daycare centres, shopping facilities, and connections to public transportation on Luruper Chaussee provide the necessary ingredients for creating a high-quality urban living experience.

In this way, Science City Bahrenfeld aims to be a beacon for the best and brightest scientific minds in the world. Competing for such high caliber thinkers and performers means that the district will have to offer some serious perks to potential residents. Luckily, plans are underway to ensure that Science City Bahrenfeld be able to hold its own and shine brightly amongst the world’s most attractive locations for scientific minds. 


New flats to fit a wide variety of lifestyles and needs are being built on the former harness racing track and the adjacent areas. Students, scientists, guest researchers and the general urban population will all come together to form a dense and lively neighbourhood.

Plans for the district keep the Volkspark in mind, and aim to create living and working spaces with a natural feel and a green point of view. Apartment blocks will be built with a variety of lifestyles in mind. Warm, organic building materials, such as wood, will create a pleasant atmosphere, both inside and out.

Open courtyards and squares create green spaces off of Luruper Chaussee and form flowing passages to the Volkspark. These generous open spaces function as central communal areas for both residents and knowledge-creators alike. Leisure and sport are possible right at residents’ front doors, since the conveniently located park will house a number of public areas for recreation, and to the southeast of this new living and working area, existing school locations are being expanded, and a new school is being planned as well.

Open spaces

Attractive, accessible and flexible public spaces have long been an important factor in competing for the brightest minds in modern science locations. Thus the world’s leading science cities develop multipurpose high-quality open-air facilities to lure top researchers and the most promising students ― for example with attractive pedestrian and cycle path links, sports and recreational facilities, and green spaces. After all, a city’s open spaces contribute significantly to its image and attractiveness to current and potential residents. Knowledge exchange, quality of life, networking opportunities, and both distance and accessibility of surrounding neighborhoods all contribute to the creation of lively campuses and lively cities alike. 

In this sense, the Volkspark already provides Science City Bahrenfeld with a unique selling point. The key to success is the sustainable investment in further networking of open area projects and new spaces, as well as the upgrading of existing infrastructure, while preserving the special character of the Volkspark. In this way, Science City Bahrenfeld will be a particularly attractive place to call home. 

Life, sport and health

Researchers and teachers today need more than just the daily grind. The kinds of opportunities for sport, fitness and leisure provided by science cities are options that many people desire. 

Short distances to work and easy traveling between various locations within a science city ― whether laboratories, co-working areas or homes, kindergartens and schools in the neighborhood ― are crucial location-related factors, making ease of mobility one of the real luxuries of an active knowledge society.

In both respects, Science City Bahrenfeld can score big. Its existing and emerging sports and health facilities in the Volkspark along with the myriad of planned connection and mobility options to and within the neighbourhood will make Science City Bahrenfeld a convenient place for living well. 

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