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The Handelskammer is the main representative of local businesses. Find out which services they provide for you.

Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is a key player in the city's economic landscape as the representative of about 150,000 businesses in political, legal or financial matters.

Having been founded in 1665, it is the oldest Chamber of Commerce in Germany. The Chamber acts as an interface between businesses, authorities and markets. As such, it campaigns to create favourable business conditions in Hamburg and provides hands-on advice to registered businesses. On either a regional, national or European level the Chamber serves long-established companies, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups. Activities span from financial support for start-ups to expert advice for businesses that are going through a crisis.

With Hamburg traditionally being one of Northern Europe's leading locations for trans-border trade, the Chamber has a strong focus on international business relations and systems to encourage international business. Members are invited to utilise the Chamber's resources to launch into new markets.

Vice versa, foreign enterprises can turn to the Chamber for assistance when settling in Hamburg. Expert knowledge is available on a range of matters from establishing a business, to creating fair conditions for foreign companies in the German market. If you need legalisation of trade certificates, such as packing lists, trading invoices or freight notes, please get in touch with the in-house Service Centre. In some cases, the Chamber liaises with external experts to resolve e.g. legal disputes or immigration issues. Expertise is provided by representatives from countries such as the EU, China, India, Russia and the Arab region.

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