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Library members can enjoy thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks in nine different languages.

Buecherhallen Hamburg eBooks

Bücherhallen Ebooks

Hamburg's electronic library service eBücherhallen currently offers close to 9,000 pieces of literature in nine different languages as eBooks and audiobooks. The only requirements for the service are a valid Bücherhallen (library) customer card and a computer or handheld device like a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection. Users may have to download OverDrive Read to use the service.

To read eBooks or listen to audiobooks in English, German, French, Arabic, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Portuguese and Swedish, users can log in to and choose a book from the eBuecherhalle section in one of the nine languages. On offer are not only fictional and nonfictional classics but also bestselling contemporary writings as well as many critically-acclaimed works by international authors. 

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