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Want to go fishing or sailing on the Elbe river? Find out where and how to get the licenses and permits you'll need in Hamburg.


Licenses in Hamburg

Driving License

You're over 17 years old and would like to learn how to drive? Getting your driving license in Hamburg is certainly possible, even if you don't speak German fluently. Besides taking practical driving lessons with an official driving teacher, you’ll also have to pass a theoretical traffic exam (practice materials and exam are available in English), complete a first-aid course and get your vision checked by an optician. New drivers generally take 30 driving hours before applying for their final driving exam, but this depends on their progress and their teacher's advice. Costs average at around EUR 1,500 for a full course. To find a driving teacher that speaks English or a different language, visit the Hamburg Driving Schools Association website (German only) and use the search function.

Sailing Permit

Have the glistening Alster Lake and Elbe River awoken stirred your sailing spirits? It was only a matter of time. Learn how to sail at one of Hamburg’s many sailing schools to familiarise yourself with the basics of sailing theory and practice. Mid-level sailors are also welcome to freshen up their knowledge. Take a look at this list of sailing schools and find one that fits your needs. University students can join the sailing courses at Hochschulsport Hamburg (German only).

Fishing Permit

Eel, trout, barbel, flounder, northern pike, carp, sea trout, burbot, and salmon are just some of the fish that can be found roaming Hamburg’s waterways. Needless to say, Hamburgers enjoy making use of reel and rod. To join in you need a fishing permit. Fishing clubs belonging to the Hamburg Angling Sports Association (German only) or the Anglers' Syndicate (German only) offer courses and examinations (Sportfischereiprüfung) to obtain an angling certificate. Present this certificate at your local Bezirksamt, along with proof of identity and a passport photo, to be awarded your official fishing permit (Fischereischein).

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