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Register your child with a childminder

You can have your child looked after temporarily by a childminder. Continue

Daycare voucher

Day care, fees

The fees for child day care are also called the family contribution or participation fee. They depend on the net family income and the size of the family as well as the benefit used. The fee tables, the Kita fee calculator and the application to ... Continue

Day care and child day care, contribution calculator

Child day care, proof of income for new applications and subsequent applications

If, according to your own assessment, the maximum rate is payable, no information on income is required. (Please state on the questionnaire on the economic situation - see link) Continue

Parental contribution for the care of children in a day care facility

If you have your child looked after in a daycare facility, you will have to pay an additional fee towards the care costs once the level of care exceeds a certain level. Continue

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