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Do you want to hire a skilled worker from abroad quickly? We advise employers on the accelerated procedure and help with the processing.

Beschleunigtes Fachkräfteverfahren

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Employers who make a concrete job offer to a skilled worker from abroad can start the faster procedure in Germany with the power of attorney of the skilled worker. The Hamburg Welcome Center for Professionals (HWCP) advises employers in Hamburg on the procedure and acts as their central contact. At the end of the process, the HWCP sends a preliminary approval to the German mission abroad.
This has many advantages for employers:

  • The entire entry procedure is coordinated by a single competent authority. This also includes the procedure for the recognition of foreign professional or university degrees.
  • The required deadlines, e.g. for the recognition procedures, are significantly shorter than in the regular procedure.
  • Only at the end of the procedure does the expert have to go to the responsible German mission abroad and should receive an appointment within three weeks. The waiting time for an appointment, which can sometimes be months or even years, is eliminated.

Entry for training purposes and family reunification with skilled workers who enter Germany with the faster procedure are also possible.
There is a fee of 411 euros for the faster procedure. Further fees may be incurred within the scope of the recognition procedure and for the procurement of certified copies or translations. In principle, the foreign expert is the debtor of the costs.

If you have already found a specific specialist abroad, you are welcome to use the powers of attorney at the bottom of this page to contact us for case-specific advice. When contacting us, please already specify the qualification of the specialist as well as the activity with which you want to employ the specialist.

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