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Hamburg has a wide range of counselling centres for immigrants. Here you will find an overview of the tasks as well as a list of the counselling centres.

Migration Counselling

Migration Counselling - Hamburg Welcome Portal

What support can I get at migration counselling?

Migration counselling supports immigrants in everyday life issues.
For example, they help with difficulties concerning the German language and with personal concerns.
You can get an assistance plan to make the integration easier for you.
The counselling is free of charge, but limited in time.

What counselling service is suitable for me?

The individual counselling centres have oriented their services to specific target groups:

  • Migration counselling for adult immigrants (MBE) is aimed at recently immigrated adults. Here you will find counselling on German and integration courses, residence and visa, family reunification, family, career and employment, social benefits, and housing (no help in finding a suitable apartment). The contact details can be found in the flyer.
  • The Youth Migration Services (JMD) are aimed at newly immigrated teenagers and young adults up to the age of 27 who have been living here for a longer period of time. More information and addresses can be found at the JMD portal.
  • Migration counselling at the integration centres is for adults who are entitled to stay and have been living here for some time.
  • Refugee counselling is aimed at refugees, asylum seekers, people with unsecured residence and people without passport or ID. More information and addresses can be found at .

Where can I find a migration counselling centre?

In addition to the links above, a list of counselling centres is available as a download file below.

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