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Every Sunday morning, the Hamburg Fish Market by the Elbe attracts thousands of visitors, night owls and early birds alike!​​​​​​​

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Hamburg Fish Market - Must-See Sight in Hamburg

Fish, fruit, flowers, clothing and souvenirs – you can find almost anything at the Hamburg Fish Market, an institution since 1703. Every Sunday morning, early birds and night owls unite along the shores of the Elbe to barter over fresh fish, regain their spirits over a coffee or simply to enjoy the lively atmosphere.

To attract customers, the market barkers out-shout each other. This results in a loud and verbose crescendo that both locals and tourists enjoy on a weekly basis. 'Come over here, I'll throw in a salmon for you' is what shoppers hear as they stroll from stall to stall. Is it a bargain or too good to be true? You'll have to decide for yourself.

Not every visitor is there to haul home baskets of fresh produce. Some come to feast on an early morning fish sandwich while taking in some hanseatic chit chat over beautiful views of the harbour. Others put on their dancing shoes in the Fischauktionshalle (lit. 'fish auction hall') to keep the Saturday party going well into Sunday morning. Inside the century-old building, the band keeps spirits high with live rock and jazz, attracting party-goers for one last dance after dawn. With the bars and clubs of the Reeperbahn only a few minutes away, the banks of the Elbe are a popular last stop after a rough Saturday night out on the town.


Due to the ongoing public health situation regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Hamburg Fish Market will remain closed until further notice. Check back for updates.

Opening hours

Summer (April — October) Sundays 5:00 a.m. — 9:30 a.m.
Winter (November — March): Sundays 7:00 a.m. — 9:30 a.m.

Getting there

U3 to Landungsbrücken 
S1 and S3 to Reeperbahn 

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Fish Market


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