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ELStAM, employees, tax brackets for registered civil partnerships

The Federal Constitutional Court ruled on May 7, 2013 (Az .: 2 BvR 909/06 et al.) That the unequal treatment of registered civil partnerships and marriages in the case of spouse splitting is unconstitutional. The Income Tax Act has been changed ... Continue

Have your birth registered abroad

You, your child or another close family member in the ascending or descending line of descent was born abroad? Then you can have the birth subsequently recorded in the birth register at the registry office responsible for you. Continue

Money laundering or terrorist financing, reporting suspicions to persons registered in the legal services register

If you have indications that an allegation in connection with the Money Laundering Act is being made against a natural or legal person who is registered in the Hamburg District Court in the legal services register, you can inform the Hamburg District ... Continue

Car disposal on public areas

If a vehicle that is no longer registered or no longer roadworthy has been parked on public property, you can report this to the responsible authority. MERGEFIELD   Teaser ... Continue

Conversion of a civil partnership into a marriage

Persons living in a registered civil partnership can convert this into a marriage since October 1, 2017. If the civil partners have not yet had a common civil partnership name, they can determine a married name as part of the marriage. Continue

Authentication of civil status documents

Civil status documents are generally not allowed to be authenticated! Certificates are to be newly created. Please contact the registry office that issued the original certificate. Continue

Request for a certificate

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