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Construction start announcement

The building owner must notify the building supervisory authority of the start of execution of building projects requiring approval or the resumption of building work after an interruption of more than three months. Continue

Construction, demolition and resume start indicator - construction start indicator

Power failure, message

Power supply faults, e.g. B. Power outages are received by Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH as the distribution network operator for all electricity customers around the clock, regardless of which provider you are a customer of. Continue

Follow-up application for housing benefit for new applications by November 30, 2022

If the approval period specified in the notification of housing benefit comes to an end, you can submit a follow-up application for continued payment. Continue

Apply for a temporary restaurant permit

Would you like to take over an alcohol-serving restaurant from someone else? In order to continue the catering business without any interruption in time, you can first apply for a temporary permit, which will later be replaced by the final permit. Continue

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