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Estate guardianship order

If the heirs are unknown and the estate needs to be secured, the probate court can order guardianship of the estate. Continue

Declaration of consent for minors when traveling without a guardian

If your child or another minor for whom you have custody goes on a trip abroad without your companion, it is advisable to provide them with an informal declaration of consent and a copy of your own ID page in addition to the required identification ... Continue

Receive advice and assistance in asserting maintenance claims

If you are a single parent, you can get advice from the youth welfare office and get help to claim child support. Continue

Check maintenance claims against a person living abroad and forward them to the relevant authorities

If the other parent lives abroad and does not pay maintenance, you can get support from the guardianship office and the local court Continue

Declare paternity recognition

Do you have or are having a child and the child's father does not want to acknowledge his paternity or is unknown? Then you can get advice and support from the youth welfare office. Continue

Apply for assistance

The guardianship provides advice and support when paternity needs to be clarified or maintenance matters need to be clarified. Continue

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