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Apply for an examination permit

Do you want to start your professional life as a teenager? If so, you must be examined by a doctor before starting work. For this you need a so-called examination authorization certificate, which you can get from the responsible district office.

You can use this service at any Hamburg Service Residents' Affairs location, regardless of where you live in Hamburg.

Important notes


  • They are between 15 and 17 years old
  • Her sole place of residence is in Hamburg
  • You want to get a job
  • This work is not minor and will take more than 2 months

Documents required

Documents you must submit to apply for the examination authorization certificate:

  • an identification document (e.g. identity card or passport)
  • If the legal guardian appears: identity card or passport of the legal guardian.

You must present the examination authorization certificate to the doctor before the medical examination begins.

Please note

You must present the following documents for the examination:

  • Examination authorization certificate signed by your parents
  • Application for reimbursement of examination costs
  • questionnaire


  • The examination must be carried out before you start work.

  • You must start work no later than 14 months after the examination.

Procedure & Fees


  • You make an appointment at a Hamburg Service - location for residents' affairs for the issuance of the examination authorization certificate (application).
  • Personal appearance is required. Representation by a parent is possible. You or, if applicable, your legal representative can receive the examination authorization certificate from Hamburg Service.
  • You must bring an identification document (identity card or child ID card or passport) with you to the appointment. The application itself is informal.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive the examination authorization certificate. You must bring this with you to the examination.
  • You can decide for yourself which doctor will examine you.
  • After the examination, you will receive a doctor's certificate confirming that the examination was carried out. Submit this to your employer.

Processing time

about 5 minutes



Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

Legal notes

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Service description

If you are not yet 18 years old and would like to start gainful employment (training, other employment relationships), you must first be examined by a doctor (initial examination). The examination will determine whether you are physically and developmentally suitable for this job. This is to prevent you from suffering damage to your health as a result of your work. After the examination you will receive a certificate. You must present these to your employer. You do not need an examination if you start marginal employment or if you only work for a short time (maximum 2 months). This applies, for example, to a holiday job or a student internship. The state pays the cost of the investigation. You must apply for the initial examination in order for the examination costs to be reimbursed.

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Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, visits are only possible by appointment. You can book an appointment online ( or by phone at 040 115.

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Mensch in einem Rollstuhl Accessible

You can take the required photo for your identity card, passport or children's passport beforehand at a terminal (Speed Capture Terminal).
Cost: 6 euros.
Please speak to the clerk afterwards.
Please allow a few minutes more time before your appointment to collect your data.

The self-recording terminal for fishing licenses and driving license applications cannot be used.
Please bring a passport photo (biometric) with you for these services.

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U2 / buses 5/23/24/191/391 / Niendorf Markt

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