Business - The Hamburg Container Port

Business Location Factors

Skilled workers, Germany's largest port, modern offices and a wide variety of industries are just a few of Hamburg's assets.

Hamburg is one of Germany's most attractive business locations. Hamburg's busy port is the second largest in Europe and number one in Germany.

Hamburg Location Factors


Hamburg is lucky to have an enormous range of educational options. This is a major boon for potential investors in the Hamburg region, who benefit from the wide variety of skill sets available on the market. Besides public and private universities, Germany has established tertiary education with a focus on vocational training. Institutions in Hamburg offer programmes across 350 professions. Dubbed 'Dual System' training, it consists of periodic classes at state run schools and on-the-job elements at individual employers.

Port city

Hamburg is the largest German port and has been for centuries. Since the days of the Hanseatic League, the site where the Elbe river branches out into sheltered bays has been utilised for international trade on a large scale. Today, Hamburg ranks 3rd among container terminals in Europe and 20th on a global scale.

International trade

Working in close proximity to the busy port has always characterised Hamburg's economy. Besides the perks of water views, recent waterfront developments provide brand new infrastructure (for example, the U4 subway line) and a mix of residential and office buildings, museums and restaurants. As a result, offices on the harbour are highly popular.

Due to centuries of international trade and investment into science and research, Hamburg is a centre for innovation and creativity. Many Hamburg-based companies rank highly within their respective industries and among established valuable global brands. In such an encouraging environment, new entries have the opportunity to flourish and benefit from existing infrastructure and skills.

For further information refer to the Hamburg Invest business development corporation.