★★★ Hotels the niu Keg

At the niu Keg, your trip to Hamburg starts inside this one-of-a-kind hotel. 

the niu Keg - information and booking

When staying at the niu Keg, your trip to Hamburg starts inside the hotel. Like every other niu hotel, the Hamburg branch tells an intriguing story about its surroundings. For example, that the name calls back to the era when there were about 600 breweries in the city of Hamburg. The Wandsbek-based Keg consists of 116 rooms on four floors. Plenty of details, from room decorations down to snacks and drinks on offer, tell a fascinating story about the hanseatic city.

Guests are treated to visual elements and materials from the maritime world in the form of modern furniture and accessories - ship lamps, cabin furniture and other details provide an urban combination of Nordic elegance and rough industrial charm.

The newest technologies are available throughout the building to guests, such as high speed WiFi and USB ports with charging function. In addition, the hotel eschews cash payments entirely.

For more information and booking, visit Hamburg Tourism and the niu Keg online.