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The Academy of Sciences and Humanities has been supporting research visibility and variety in Northern Germany since 2004.

Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AHW)

Hamburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

The Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg (in German, Akademie der Wissenschaften) is a part of the larger network of academies of science across Germany, all creating a network of some of the brightest minds from across the region. Made up of around 80 members, academics come together to work on interdisciplinary research to answer pressing societal issues.


The creation of a dialogue between science and society is a key incentive for the Academy. To this do this, the Academy hosts many events, workshops and symposia throughout the year for the public, covering a wide range of topics, from the European financial crisis to energy policy ─ thus, catering for both classic sciences and humanities. One of the Academy's current long term projects include the creation of a corpus-based electronic dictionary of German Sign Language.

The Academy of Sciences and Humanities also provides opportunities for young scientists in North Germany to get involved, with its 'Young Science Forum', as well as an interdisciplinary laboratory for young people, which focuses on peace and conflict research.


Research also forms an important basis of the Academy, and there are several research groups ─ topics explored include energy and resources, cosmology, infection research and even peace studies. The variety of topics is strengthened by the prestigious Hamburg Science Award (website in German), given out every two years, which recognises achievements in socially significant fields, and gives the winner 100,000€ to continue their research.


The Academy also has a range of academic publications. Since 2011, it has published the 'Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg' and in 2013 it also introduced the 'Series of Papers of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg', which discuss legal and social sciences.

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