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Integration assistance for addicts, socio-educational case management

Integration assistance for addicts, socio-educational case management Continue

Education package - reimbursement for culture, music and sport

You can receive a flat rate of 15 euros per month for babies, children and young people under the age of 18 if the children or their parents receive benefits under SGB II (unemployment benefit II / Hartz IV / social benefit), SGB XII (basic security  ... Continue

Supplementary rehabilitation services for those with health insurance

Health insurance covers the costs of additional rehabilitation services. Continue

HIBB professional recognition

The professional recognition of the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education (HIBB) is a recognition body and responsible for determining the equivalence (recognition) of professional qualifications from abroad in the professions of educator and ... Continue

Apply for medical treatment for war victims

As a recognized injured person, you will receive treatment for recognized damage consequences upon application. Continue

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