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Take an intermediate examination in dual training occupations

The intermediate examination takes place about halfway through your dual training period. This serves to determine the level of knowledge and is intended to give you and the training company feedback on the transfer of knowledge to date. Continue

External examination for intermediate educational qualification (formerly secondary school qualification)

The external examination gives the opportunity to acquire the intermediate educational qualification (formerly secondary school qualification) at a later date. The prerequisite is that the examinees do not attend any state or state-recognized Hamburg ... Continue

Recognition of equivalence with the first general or intermediate educational qualification (formerly secondary or secondary school qualification)

The qualification from the state vocational school in Hamburg is equivalent to the "first general school leaving certificate" (formerly the secondary school leaving certificate) or possibly the "middle school leaving certificate" (formerly the ... Continue

Show commercial handling of animal by-products

If you want to handle animal by-products commercially, you must report this to the responsible authority. For details, click here. Continue

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