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Residence card for highly qualified people

Issuance of an EU Blue Card for highly qualified foreigners for employment that is appropriate to their qualifications. The EU Blue Card is issued for four years if the employment contract is open-ended or has been concluded for a period of at least ... Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Apply for a national visa

If you want to enter Germany for a long-term stay, you must apply for a national visa. Continue

Apply for recognition of an asbestos expertise course

If you want to offer a course for activities involving asbestos that require specialist knowledge, you must have the course recognized by the responsible authority. Continue

Avian influenza, information

Wild birds and domestic poultry living near the water are currently infected with avian influenza (“bird flu”, avian influenza). The pathogen is the avian influenza virus. It is highly contagious to wild birds and domestic poultry and causes serious ... Continue

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