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Control of the Herkulesstaude (giant hogweed)

The so-called Hercules shrub (giant hogweed), which looks impressive with its height of up to 2 to 4 meters and the large white flower umbels, is spreading more and more and causes problems nationwide for health and ecological reasons. Direct skin ... Continue

Oak processionary moth on public property

The oak processionary moth is an inconspicuous gray-brown moth with a wingspan of 25 to 30 mm. The butterfly species bears its name because of its peculiarity to move one behind the other or next to one another in search of food in the evening, like ... Continue

Trees on public land (not in parks)

In order to obtain a permit for the felling or cutting of protected trees, an oral application to the specialist office for public space management of the responsible district office is sufficient. In the case of building projects on properties with ... Continue

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