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Gift tax, information and jurisdiction based on the donor's last name

The gift tax taxes the transfer of property to another (natural or legal) person by way of a gift. It arises at the time the donation is made. The circumstances at the time the tax arises are decisive for the determination of the tax (valuation date) ... Continue

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The gift tax covers increases in assets acquired without one's own involvement. The subject of taxation is inter vivos donation. As a supplement to Inheritance tax is intended to promote a fairer distribution of gift tax contribute wealth. This ... Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

Valuation of real estate, inheritance, gift and real estate transfer tax

In this department, real estate values are determined separately according to the requirements of the inheritance and gift tax offices, as well as the real estate acquisition tax offices (demand values). Continue

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Inheritance tax covers assets acquired upon death. The taxation Your resulting increased performance should lead to a fairer one contribute to the distribution of wealth. The inheritance tax does not cover the estate as such, but the inheritance of ... Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

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