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Trade and association register information online

On this page you will find the commercial, cooperative and partnership registers as well as the association registers of all federal states and also the register announcements (publications).

Important notes


You must register free of charge on the website of the register portal in order to be able to call it up on the Internet.

Please note

The commercial register can also be inspected via the company register introduced on January 1, 2007. In addition to the data from the commercial register, further information such as annual financial statements of corporations or company announcements is published in the company register.


If necessary, please inquire about this at the district court

Procedure & Fees


For your own protection, to protect our employees and to contain the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, please check whether you can deal with your request by phone.

If a personal visit is unavoidable, please note that a medical mask must be worn in our building. We also ask you not to bring any unnecessary companions with you. The joint register portal of the federal states is available to you on the internet to inspect the commercial register. There you have the option of searching for registered companies by entering keywords. If you register, the contents of the register can also be accessed online as a PDF document (subject to a fee).
In addition, you can still view the commercial register during business hours in the registry court (free of charge) and have a printout or a copy made there (subject to a fee).

Processing time

If necessary, please inquire about this at the district court


No fees are charged for the inspection of commercial register data and documents in the court office.

Online retrieval of data from the register: EUR 4.50 per register page

Online retrieval of documents submitted to the register: EUR 1.50 per file

Legal notes

Legal remedies

If necessary, please inquire about this at the district court

Legal basis

§ 10 paragraph 1 Commercial Register Ordinance (HRV)

Section 9 paragraphs 1 and 4 of the German Commercial Code (HGB)

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Service description

If you are looking for information about specific corporations (such as GmbH, AG, KGaA), commercial partnerships (such as OHG, KG) or sole traders (e. K.), you can inspect the commercial register. You will also find small traders in the commercial register who have made the entry voluntarily.

The commercial register provides information about facts and legal relationships that are important for legal transactions in connection with companies registered there. The commercial register contains, for example, the names of the persons who are authorized to represent a company in business transactions.

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