Apply for stand permit

You can apply for a permit for a stand at a district weekly market in Hamburg.

Important notes


You have a VAT booklet or are exempt from keeping a VAT booklet.

Documents required

  • VAT booklet,
  • if applicable, proof of VAT exemption

If the market is not established according to the Trade Regulations:

  • Travelling trade card
  • Special use permit

If you are employed at a stall at a weekly market, you will need a duplicate or certified copy of the traveling trade license of the person operating the trade.
For established markets, the requirement for an itinerant trade license does not apply.

Please note

The market manager at the weekly market will assign you a specific stand. You will receive approval for this stand from the market manager.


Submit your application in good time before the market takes place.

Procedure & Fees


Submit your application for a daily stand at a district weekly market in Hamburg verbally to the responsible authority or in writing to the local department for consumer protection, trade and the environment.

Apply for an annual or seasonal stand at a district weekly market in Hamburg in writing to the responsible department of the local consumer protection, trade and environment department.

The responsible authority will check your documents and, if necessary, request further documents or information from you.
The responsible authority will decide on your application.
You will receive a notification.

Processing time

The processing time for daily permits is approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

The processing time for annual or seasonal registration is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.


The amount of the fees depends on the size of the stall, the electricity and water consumption and the location of the weekly market.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

  • Admission and usage regulations for weekly markets

  • Ordinance on weekly markets, folk festivals and fairs

  • Trade Regulations (GewO)

  • Law for the maintenance of public safety and order at markets and public festivals

  • Fee schedule for the market

For markets that are not publicly set:

  • Hamburg Road Act (HWG)

Service description

In order to operate a stand at a district weekly market in Hamburg, you need a stand permit.

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