Riding or driving, permission

Important notes


The person responsible for the activity has the necessary technical knowledge and skills as well as the required reliability and enables the animals to be fed, cared for and housed in accordance with the legal requirements.

Documents required

  • Proof of completed training as a horse manager, etc.,
  • Proof of competence (at least three years of professional handling of horses or comparable proof, if necessary examination of competence),
  • Address of the place of operation,
  • Number of horses kept,
  • Number and type of carriages,
  • Proof of road safety for the carriages,
  • For the driver: proof of at least a class IV / bronze driving badge.

Please note

The activity may only be started with a valid permit.

Permission can be given to a single person (sole proprietorship) or a corporation. In a partnership, the individual personally liable partners each receive a permit.

If you would like to work at different branches at the same time, a separate permit from the veterinary office responsible for the place of the branch is required for each place of the branch.

For those who would like to exercise this activity in different locations, the veterinary office of the place where the company usually has its headquarters or winter quarters or is registered as a business is responsible for issuing the permit; Place of first action competent veterinary office.
If it is necessary to protect the animals, the permit can be granted subject to time limits, conditions and requirements.


No. The activity may only be started with a valid permit.

Procedure & Fees


Permission is granted upon request.
The application can be made informally in writing.

Call the responsible consumer protection office in advance to find out which personal and professional requirements you have to meet and submit the required documents.

Processing time

4-6 months from receipt of the application.


Fees are charged based on expenditure (Section 6 in conjunction with the appendix to the fee schedule for public consumer protection).

Legal notes

Legal basis

§11 Animal Welfare Act and Fee Regulations for the Public Health Service

General administrative regulation for the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act.

Public Service Disclaimer

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