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Foreign certificate/certificate of no objection for health professions (Certificate of good standing)

If you are interested in working in an academic health profession abroad, you will need a certificate of good standing.

Important notes


You are currently working in this profession in Hamburg or were most recently working in this profession in Germany in Hamburg.
If copies are submitted, they must be officially certified, whereby the certification may not be older than three months. In the case of copies without official certification, the original must be submitted at the same time.

Documents required

  • Application for a clearance certificate (available online)
  • Proof of working in this profession in Hamburg
  • Officially certified photocopy of the license to practice medicine, which must not be older than three months.
  • or: Certificate of permission to use the professional title



Procedure & Fees


If you have a professional license and practice a health profession in Hamburg, send the application together with the documents to the social authorities. Your application will be checked there. You can send questions to the post office box

For academic health professionals
social authority
-G 1133-
PO Box 760 106
22051 Hamburg

For non-academic health professionals
social authority
-G 1142-
PO Box 760 106
22051 Hamburg

Processing time

about 14 days


25 - 55 euros

Service description

If you would like to work abroad in an academic or non-academic health profession, you usually need proof of your qualifications (proof of training). You also need a certificate of good standing. This confirms that you are entitled to unrestricted exercise of your profession. The certificate also shows that no professional or disciplinary measures have been taken or initiated against you.

Regardless of which authority issued the approbation at the time, you will receive the certificate from the local authority in the federal state in which you are currently practicing your profession or in Germany where you last practiced.

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