Leaving church, replacement certificate

Important notes

Documents required

  • You will only receive replacement certificates at the registry office in which the exit from the church was declared (see link - exit from the church -,
    To determine the contact details, the entry of the address at the time of leaving the church is decisive).
  • Documents for a personal interview:
    Identity card
    (Collection also possible with presentation of a power of attorney).

Please note

If you no longer know where you left, you can contact the following numbers/institutions:

  • For former evangelical church members :
    Registration church district Hamburg-Ost,
    Phone: +49 40 519000-240 .
  • For Former Catholic Church Members :
    Catholic Church Office, Tel.: +49 40 24877-100 .

From there you will receive a registration number as well as the date and place of leaving the church.

Procedure & Fees


7.50 EUR. In the case of written orders (post, fax, e-mail), the fees will be charged by cash on delivery (plus postage).

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