Leaving church, change wage tax

To leave a tax-collecting religious community, contact the registry office.

Important notes


You have declared your resignation from the church at the local Hamburg service.

Documents required


Please note



If you leave the church, the change in the church tax deduction characteristic will take effect for tax purposes on the 1st of the following month. Example: If you leave a tax-collecting religious community on February 15th, this will take effect for tax purposes from March 1st.

Procedure & Fees


  • You submit a declaration of leaving the church to the local HamburgService.
  • The HamburgService on site informs the tax authorities of the withdrawal and the date of withdrawal.
  • Employers will also be informed of the elimination of the church tax feature via the so-called electronic wage tax deduction features (ELStAM) the next time they retrieve data.



Note: There is a fee for leaving the church, which must be declared at the registry office.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Section 39e (3) of the Income Tax Act (EStG)

Service description

By formally declaring your withdrawal from the church, you terminate your membership in the religious community. This measure removes your obligation to pay church tax.

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