Vehicle re-registration, apply for re-registration of your vehicle (in case of change of owner)

If you buy or take over a vehicle that is already registered, you must immediately have it re-registered in your name.

Important notes


You must not have any vehicle tax debts of EUR 5 or more. Late payment surcharges, interest and late payment penalties are also taken into account when calculating the amount.

The vehicle can only be re-registered with the State Transport Authority (LBV) if the owner's main registered residence is already in Hamburg. This means that you can only re-register the car if your registered residence has already been changed and the new Hamburg address has already been entered on your ID documents.

  • For private individuals: The registered place of residence is in Hamburg
  • For companies: The registered office or place of business of the company or trader is Hamburg

Documents required

  • a valid identity card or passport with current registration confirmation of the vehicle owner
  • the registration certificate part I and II (vehicle registration document and vehicle registration certificate) or a deregistration certificate
  • the electronic insurance confirmation as an eVB code (available from the car insurance company)
  • the existing license plates, if a re-labeling is desired
  • a declaration of consent from all legal guardians in the case of persons who are not fully legally competent
  • valid test certificate of the main inspection (HU), if a HU was already required for the first time, and if necessary, proof of the safety test and emissions test carried out
  • an original SEPA combined mandate for the collection of vehicle tax by direct debit (form can be found under Services and Links)
  • If the tax is not to be paid by the owner himself but by a so-called third party willing to pay, a copy of the identity card of the third party willing to pay must be presented.
  • If the previous owner has died and no vehicle documents (registration certificate I + II) are available: an authorization to dispose of the vehicle (e.g. purchase contract, certificate of inheritance, donation contract)
  • the appointment confirmation

Companies or associations must also submit the following documents:

  • a company/association certificate showing the Hamburg address (e.g. an extract from the commercial register or an extract from the association register) [not older than 3 months]

Additionally, when applying by power of attorney:

  • a legibly completed power of attorney in the original with a legible color copy of the authorized person’s ID card
  • the representative’s ID card in original

Please note

You can keep your license plate. Changing the license plate is voluntary.

Appointment booking

  • Visit our website to book an appointment (link below).
  • Select the category: Vehicle registration
  • Then select: Re-registration of a registered used vehicle or Re-registration of a registered used vehicle and de-registration or Re-registration of a registered used vehicle and transfer of the license plate.
  • Follow the steps to reserve an appointment.
  • You will receive an email. Confirm your reserved appointment using the link in the email.
  • You will receive an appointment confirmation. Bring this with you to your appointment.

If the holder and owner of the vehicle are not the same (as is the case with leased vehicles, for example), the LBV must be informed of who the vehicle is to be registered to.


A vehicle registration change must be made immediately.

Procedure & Fees


  • Book an appointment online.
  • Bring all necessary documents with you.
  • Your request will be processed on site.
  • Documents and signs will be given to you.
  • Your vehicle is registered.

Processing time



EUR 23.60 and EUR 60.00. The exact amount of the fee can only be determined on site after reviewing all the documents. The basis is the fee schedule for measures in road traffic (GebOSt).

Service description

If you would like to buy or take over a motor vehicle that is still registered to another owner, it must be re-registered in your name. You have the option of keeping the existing license plates on the vehicle nationwide.
If you do not wish to take your license plate with you, you still have the option of applying for a new license plate. Additional fees apply for a personalized license plate.

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