Fee collection, tax office

Important notes

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The fees are collected by the Hamburg tax offices and, unlike the tax payments, are not to the tax office, but to the cash office to pay.

The fee notification is sent by post to the fee debtor, who is usually the taxpayer.

Procedure & Fees


  1. Application to the tax office (in writing, by telephone, etc.)
  2. Reference to the obligation to pay fees by the tax office and declaration of consent by the applicant (also possible in writing, by telephone, etc.)
  3. Tax office allows files to be inspected / makes the requested content available
  4. Notification of fees is issued and has to be paid


For the granting of access to files:

  • in simple cases 23.40 euros,

  • in complex cases 126.00 euros

For the provision of content from files:

  • Basic fee: 11.70 euros

  • plus per printed page / copy / file: 0.90 euros

  • The fee is limited to a maximum of 250 euros.

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