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The BOJE Addiction Help Center

Drug and addiction counseling


Detailed description

Addiction is primarily a disease and, like any other disease, needs treatment. Hamburg has advice centers for people with addiction problems. Trained and experienced consultants work there. The offers are aimed at people with alcohol and drug problems as well as drug addicts and game and media addicts. Those directly affected, relatives and parents can contact these offices.
The advice centers work free of charge. If you wish, all conversations are anonymous. Just like doctors, addiction counselors are obliged to keep quiet - even when it comes to illegal drugs.
In many cases, participation in self-help groups is also advisable. The counseling centers refer those affected to suitable self-help groups.




You have your habitual residence in Hamburg.

Documents required

The submission of documents is not required for this service.

Please note

Those affected can turn to any addiction counseling center. It is recommended to contact us by phone to arrange a consultation.


There are no fees for using this service.

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Last updated: 12.07.2024