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Documents required

When submitting the driving license:

Fine notice, driver's license, or address.

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Payments please to the Kasse.Hamburg,
!Please note that we are now using TWO accounts!
Prefix: 9750 + Az.
IBAN: DE70 2 000 000 000 20001585, BIC: MARKDEF1200
Prefix: 9769 + Az.
IBAN: DE87 2000 0000 0020 0015 70, BIC: MARKDEF1200
Important note: When making transfers, please do not forget the reference number!

There is a giro code (QR code) on letters with claims (apart from EU information letters). All payment data can be called up automatically here via the relevant apps.

Submission of driver's license
Driving licenses are only accepted in the event of a driving ban from the Hamburg fines office.
Submission is possible by post or by dropping it in the house letter box, stating the file number.
Beginning of the driving ban upon arrival at the fine office. Driving licenses will not be accepted if the driving ban is not from the Hamburg fines office.

The driving bans will not be lifted and the driving licenses will not be returned due to official errors.

The driver's licenses will be sent back to those affected by post in good time before the deadline expires.


The payment deadline for the warning is one week after receipt. If you submit an opinion or objections, you may be notified of a fine. This is not a reminder, but a legal notice that can be objected to within two weeks of delivery. The period of appeal must be observed.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

Depending on the case.


Is determined according to the nationwide catalog of fines.

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Service description

The nationwide catalog of offenses specifies the type of violations and the standard rates for the warning fee and the fine. When dealing with traffic offenses, a distinction must be made between the detection of traffic offenses (mainly by the police) and their punishment by the fine.

Administrative offenses up to 55 euros will be punished with a fine. The payment deadline for the warning is one week after receipt. If payment is not made on time, a fine will be issued. If the proceedings are not discontinued when a statement or objections are submitted, a fine will also be issued.

In the case of administrative offenses of 60 euros or more, the initiation takes place in writing by hearing the person concerned (if the police did not hear it on site) and the punishment by issuing a fine. It is recommended that you read the instructions on the back carefully. A notice of fines is not a reminder, but an appealable notice, which can be objected to within two weeks of delivery. The period of appeal must be observed.

Appeals must be lodged via fax, De-Mail or post.

In Hamburg, the Office for Migration, Department for Road Traffic Fines, and the Department for Home Affairs and Sports are responsible.

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