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Waste and Disposal - Display of non-profit and commercial waste collections from private households

Would you like to collect non-profit or commercial waste, so-called recyclable materials, from private households? If so, you must report this to the competent authority at least three months before the start of the collection.

Important notes


The purpose must be a collection of waste from private households for commercial or non-profit purposes.
The collection must not conflict with an overriding public interest.

Documents required

The advertisement must always contain the following basic data:

  1. Name, address, contact details and responsible person(s) of the company,
  2. Business registration with date and registration number (enclose a copy),
  3. commercial register number if available,
  4. Copy of the notification according to § 53 KrWG,
  5. If certified (collecting activity): Date and file number of the certification as a waste disposal company (attach a copy).

For commercial collections, the following documents must be submitted with the notification (§ 18 Paragraph 2 KrWG):
1. Information on the size and organization of the collection company,
2. Information about the type, extent and duration, in particular about the largest possible scope and the minimum duration of the collection,
3. Information on the type, quantity and whereabouts of the waste to be recycled,
4. A description of the recycling methods planned within the period of time indicated, including the measures required to ensure their capacities, as well as
5. an explanation of how the proper and harmless recycling of the collected waste is guaranteed within the framework of the recycling routes according to number 4.

For non-profit collections, the following documents must be submitted with the notification (§ 18 Paragraph 3 KrWG):
1. Information about the size and organization of the sponsor of the non-profit collection and, if applicable, the third party commissioned with the collection, as well as
2. information about the type, extent and duration of the collection,
3. Documents corresponding to the commercial collection according to numbers 3 to 5.

Please note

Hazardous waste from private households may not be collected. This also includes waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Old electrical devices that are no longer usable are hazardous waste due to the pollutants they contain and are subject to the regulations of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). They may not be collected and disposed of in commercial collections according to § 18 KrWG (§§ 10 et seq. ElektroG in conjunction with § 17 paragraph 2 KrWG).


Collections must be announced at least three months in advance. The date of completeness of the documents applies here.

Procedure & Fees


Note on the obligation to pay fees

The processing of notifications according to Section 18 KrWG is an official act that is subject to a fee. An administration fee is charged according to Section 1 of the Environmental Fees Ordinance (UmwGebO) in conjunction with Sections 1, 2 of the Fees Act (GebG) in the currently applicable version. The administration fee is determined according to No. 2.3.2 et seq. of Annex 2 to the UmwGebO. It is €150 to €350.

Legal notes

Service description

Charitable and commercial collections of recyclable waste from private households (e.g. old textiles, waste paper, scrap metal or green waste) must be reported to the responsible authority at least three months before the start of the collection. Street or container collections, for example, but also waste collection points are subject to notification.
Collection can be confirmed, prohibited, limited or subject to conditions by the competent authority.

  • Waste from private households is waste that must be handed over, which means that it must be handed over to the public waste disposal authority (in Hamburg, the Hamburg city cleaning department).
  • A commercial or non-profit collection of waste and recyclable materials (recyclable waste) is only permitted if this has been reported to the responsible authority;
  • Displayed collections may be prohibited or restricted by the competent authority
Waste electrical and electronic equipment (electronic scrap) must be returned to the public waste disposal authority or to the dealers who are obliged to take it back. They may not be collected via a commercial or charitable collection.

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