Declaration of approximation

Persons with a foreign name who are now subject to German law can submit a declaration to bring their first and last names into line with German law.

Important notes


Acquisition of the name under foreign law. The declaring person uses names or parts of names that are foreign to German law and the declaring person
  • now has German citizenship
  • or is stateless
  • or homeless foreigner
  • or recognized foreign refugee

registered with habitual residence in Germany or in Germany.

Documents required

  • Identity card, passport or travel document
  • Birth certificate, possibly marriage certificate. Documents in a foreign language require an official translation.
  • Naturalization certificate, citizenship certificate or certificate of acquisition of German citizenship
  • Interpreter - If the person making the declaration does not speak German, an interpreter must be involved at their request and at their expense.

Further documents are available on request. In case of doubt, we recommend that you consult us by telephone beforehand.

Please note

Advice on legal options and requirements is necessary .

The registry office that keeps the birth register for the person whose name is to be changed is responsible. If there is no domestic birth entry, the registry office that keeps the marriage register is responsible. If there is still no jurisdiction, the registry office of the place of residence is responsible.

Procedure & Fees


29 EUR. A certificate for the name alignment costs 14.50 EUR.

Legal notes

Legal basis

  • Section 43 Personal Status Act - PStG -

  • Article 47 Introductory Act to the Civil Code - EGBGB -

  • Sections 45, 46 Personal Status Ordinance - PStV -

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