Social assistance subsidies for contributions to health insurance and long-term care insurance

If you receive help with living expenses and have health and long-term care insurance, you can receive this benefit.

Important notes


  • economic need
  • Existing health and nursing care insurance

Documents required

  • Health and long-term care insurance contribution calculation
  • if necessary insurance certificate

Please note




Procedure & Fees


The assumption of the contributions to health and nursing care insurance is checked as part of the application review for help with living expenses and basic security.

Processing time

The application will be decided immediately. The processing time depends, among other things, on the completeness of the information and the submission of the evidence required for processing the application.



Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 32 SGB XII requirements for health and nursing care insurance

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Service description

You can receive this benefit in accordance with § 32 SGBXII as part of the subsistence allowance or basic security if you have health and long-term care insurance and have to pay contributions yourself.

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