Social assistance Help to continue running the household

If the continuation of a household is at risk and there is economic need, you can receive help from the social welfare agency to continue the household.

Important notes


  • You run your own household and can neither continue to run it yourself, nor can it be taken over by other household members.
  • The continuation of the household is necessary and sensible (e.g. for families with underage children).
  • There is a need (income limit according to § 85 SGB XII, no assets to be used according to § 90 SGB XII).

Documents required

  • Evidence justifying the need, such as a medical certificate
  • Proof of economic need (application for social assistance)

The scope of the required documents, in particular proof of income and assets, depends on the specifics of the individual case.

Please note



This help begins as soon as the responsible body or a body commissioned by it becomes aware that the requirements for the benefit are met.

Procedure & Fees


The need for help can be reported informally to the competent authority. A fully completed social assistance application should then be submitted promptly.
Since these social assistance benefits can only be granted from the point in time at which the basic security and social welfare office learns of the need for help of the applicant, the need for help should be reported as soon as possible.
After the application has been checked and, if necessary, further comments have been obtained, you will receive a notification.

Processing time

A decision will be made on the application as soon as possible. The processing time depends, among other things, on the completeness of the information and the submission of the evidence required for processing the application.



Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 70 SGB XII help to continue the household

Service description

You can receive help to continue running your household from the social welfare agency if the continuation of your household is at risk.

Help to continue running the household is secondary help. It is only granted if no priority help is available, such as help with care according to Chapter Seven of the Social Code Book XII, help with upbringing according to Section 27 of the Social Code Book VIII or health insurance benefits, accident insurance or similar.
Health insurance companies, for example, may pay for household help if a child under the age of 12 or a disabled child who is dependent on help lives in the household.

Social assistance benefits can only be provided if the benefits of the health insurance company or other service providers are not helpful or are not provided.

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