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Apply for a subsidy for thermal insulation in existing buildings

This funding program is aimed at initiating modernization of existing buildings by improving the energy efficiency of the building shell and thus conserving energy resources and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Important notes


  • Eligible to apply are landowners or other persons entitled to dispose in rem (e.g. leaseholders) of single-family houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, small multi-family houses (up to 2 rented residential units) and homeowners associations (WEG)
  • Homeowners' associations are only entitled to apply jointly. The application must be signed by an authorized person.
  • You must have submitted the application for funding before the start of the project.
  • After receiving the approval, you can start your project. A project is considered to have started when you have concluded delivery and service contracts.
  • In addition, technical requirements apply, which can be found in the funding guideline.

Documents required

  • Detailed construction description of the measure (tender documents or detailed cost estimate separated by trades, materials used)
  • Evidence/calculation of the thermal transmittance coefficients for the respective structure of the overall construction, e.g. outer wall including plaster, load-bearing construction, insulation and, if necessary, air layers as well as cladding/external plaster; Roof construction including rafters and under/between/over rafter insulation; Window, patio door, skylight and exterior door installation with glazing including sash and frame profiles (according to standard boundary conditions of DIN EN 14351-1) in the tradesman offer
  • If necessary, consulting contract from experts from the list accompanying the construction
  • If applicable, proof of the entry of the object in the Hamburg monument list or proof that the object is located in accordance with § 172 BauGB in the area of an ordinance for the preservation of the composition of the resident population and/or for the preservation of the urban uniqueness of the area due to its urban design and from it resulting specifications or restrictions on the execution of the measures requested for funding
  • If applicable, proof of the location of the property on the plot boundary (overbuilding)
  • For the interior insulation of exterior walls and flat roofs as a wooden construction, a declaration of structural safety
  • If sustainable insulating materials are promoted, a corresponding current, valid certificate from the Blue Angel (RAL eco-label) and/or natureplus seal
  • For wooden windows and doors: Information from the specialist company on the use of wooden products
  • If applicable, de minimis declaration
  • Declaration of de minimis aid already received or applied for
  • Photos of the front and rear of the building or the component to be upgraded
  • Floor plan and, if applicable, other planning documents representing the project
  • When applying for a modernization bonus: quality-assured individual refurbishment roadmap (iSFP), implementation aid for the iSFP, detailed calculation documents according to DIN 4108-6 and DIN 4701-10 for the current state and the refurbishment variant including a description of the component structures or a quality-assured Hamburg energy pass.
  • Power of Attorney IFB Hamburg
You can still apply for the application by post. To do this, submit the application on the appropriate form and submit it together with all the required documents.

Please note

Applications that are incomplete or have other deficiencies will only be accepted subject to supplementation and revision. If they are not submitted to IFB Hamburg in full and without defects within three months, they can be rejected.


3 months hearing period for the applicants to complete their application documents.

Otherwise the application can be rejected.

Procedure & Fees


  • For the initial consultation , contact the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank early on.
    • by phone at: 040 24846-470
    • by email:
  • You can apply for the funding program via the e-application portal of the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank.
  • To apply for the funding program, you have to register once and can then log in with your username.
  • Submit the application online via the portal.
  • After a successful examination you will receive a permit.
  • You can only start with your project and commission trades after you have received the permit.
  • The funds will be paid after the measures have been carried out and after the proof of use has been submitted.
You can still apply for the application by post. To do this, submit the application on the appropriate form and submit it together with all the required documents.

Processing time

not specified



Legal notes

Legal remedies

You can object to a funding decision for up to one month.

Legal basis

Funding guideline for the energetic modernization of homes and apartment buildings with up to two rented residential units


Service description

The Hamburg Investment and Development Bank promotes the modernization of individual or multiple components on the building envelope and the use of sustainable insulating materials. The subsidy amount depends on the modernized area. If components from different component groups are modernized at the same time, an additional modernization bonus is granted.

In addition, the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank supports the following supplementary measures:

  • Sustainable insulating materials - The use of insulating materials with the "Blue Angel" quality mark or the natureplus seal.
  • Construction-accompanying services for quality assurance (including expert construction supervision, hydraulic balancing of the heating system, air tightness measurement).
For more detailed information on the individual measures, please refer to the funding program.

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