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Apply for a temporary identity card

Has your identity card been lost or expired and you need a new one as soon as possible? Then you can apply for a provisional identity card.

Regardless of where you live in Hamburg, you can use this service at any Hamburg Service location for resident matters.

Important notes


You can apply for a temporary identity card if

  • you have German citizenship,
  • are registered in Germany
  • do not have a valid identity card
For the application outside of your main place of residence:
  • You must be able to demonstrate an important reason why you are not applying for a provisional identity card at the Citizens’ Registration Office at your main place of residence. The Hamburg Service will obtain the approval of the identity card authority at the place of the main residence.
  • If you are registered in Hamburg with a secondary residence, the approval of the identity card authority at the place of your main residence is required for the issuance of the ID document. When applying, a non-responsibility surcharge applies, which means that the costs of the issuance increase.
  • Exception: The provisional identity card cannot be applied for abroad.

Documents required

  • Current passport photo, which must meet the photo requirements for electronic ID cards.
    The requirements for the passport photo can be found in the photo sample table (see the link “Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland - Photo sample table”, at the bottom of this page under “Forms, Service & Links”).

    A photo booth (speed capture terminal) is available. The fee for a photo on site is EUR 6.00. You will not receive a printout. Please note that the existing photo booth is not suitable for taking passport photos of infants and small children.
  • If available and not yet validated: old ID card or passport or temporary ID card or children's passport (valid or already expired)
  • If you do not have a valid passport or ID card: birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • For children under 16 years of age: if necessary, declaration of consent from the parent who is not present with legal custody
    • If there is only one legal guardian, additional proof of custody

Please note

There are the following hints:

  • Since the temporary identity card is only valid for a short period of time, we recommend that you apply for a permanent identity card or passport at the same time.
  • People without a permanent address or the homeless should contact the Hamburg Service Hamburg-Mitte.


You are obliged to apply for a provisional identity card if you

  • have German citizenship,

  • have reached the age of 16,

  • are registered in Germany and

  • do not have a valid identity card or passport.

The validity period is a maximum of 3 months.

Procedure & Fees


  • You must apply for the provisional identity card in person at Hamburg Service. If you do not apply for your temporary identity card at your main residence, you need an important reason and a surcharge will be added to the fee. If you contact the Hamburg Service you have selected beforehand, you can find out whether and to what extent the identity card authority will recognize your reason.
  • You can apply for the provisional and the new regular identity card at the same time.
  • The authorities will issue you with a provisional ID card on site.

Processing time

You will receive the provisional identity card immediately.


  • EUR 10.00

  • Surcharge for application not at main residence:

    EUR 13.00

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 9 Personal Identity Card Act (PAuswG)

Service description

Has your identity card been lost or expired and you need a new one as soon as possible? Then you can apply for a provisional identity card.

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Address and contact information

Facility info

Mensch in einem Rollstuhl Accessible

Applies only to the customer center: Speed Capture Terminal: For independent capture of biometric data (photo, signature, fingerprints). If you use it, you don't have to bring a photo with you. Cost: 6 euros

Note refers to the information and acceptance point of the Oberalster tax office - Bramfeld branch : A common mailbox for everyone in Herthastr. 20 resident authorities is in the entrance area of the building Herthastr. 20 available and accessible during the opening hours of the building. Placing applications in this mailbox does not lead to compliance with the deadline, as this mailbox is emptied by the customer center, which is not the competent authority. To meet the deadline, please use the mailbox of the Oberalster tax office on Nordkanalstr. 22, 20097 Hamburg.

If you would like to apply for an identity card, passport or children's passport, you can use an existing self-recording terminal (speed capture terminal) in the customer center to capture the necessary biometric data (digital photo, signature, fingerprints).
Please allow a few minutes more time before your appointment to collect your data.
Note: You will not receive a printout of the digital photo.
There is no need to bring a passport photo with you when using the self-registration terminal.
Use costs 6 euros.
Please speak to the clerk afterwards.

The existing self-recording terminal (Speed Capture Terminal) cannot be used for fishing licenses and driver's license applications. Please bring a passport photo (biometric) with you for these services.

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