Transport Trade Supervision

Apply for a permit for occasional bus and coach services

Would you like to run a bus and coach company?
You can obtain the necessary approval for this from the approval authority responsible for you
apply for.

Important notes


  • The safety and performance of the company is guaranteed.
  • There are no facts to suggest that the person applying as an entrepreneur or the person appointed to manage the business is unreliable.
  • The applicant as an entrepreneur or the person appointed to manage the business is professionally qualified.
  • The applicant and the entrepreneurs commissioned by him or her to provide transport services have their place of business or branch within the meaning of commercial law in Germany.
For legal entities under public law, the requirements apply

Documents required

  • Application for the issuance of a bus and coach license (name, first name of the applicant; place of residence and place of business; for natural persons, birthday, place of birth; number of vehicles, vehicle type, capacity of the vehicles to be used)
  • If applicable, extract from the commercial register
  • If applicable, list of shareholders
  • If applicable, partnership agreement
  • Traffic manager contract
  • Proof of professional suitability for the passenger transport operator from the IHK
  • Audited annual financial statements, if necessary a certificate of equity in the year the company was registered and, if necessary, additional certificate (not older than one year)
  • Certificate in tax matters from the responsible tax office (not older than 3 months)
  • Certificate of clearance from all social insurance providers (not older than three months)
  • Certificate of safety from the professional association (not older than 3 months)
  • Evidence of personal reliability, in particular a certificate of good conduct to be presented to the authorities in accordance with Section 30 Paragraph 5 BZRG
  • If applicable, information on existing permits
  • Vehicle list
  • Business registration


Deadlines only begin to run when an application ready for decision is submitted.

If your application is complete, a decision will be made within 3 months.

If necessary, the deadline can be extended by 3 months.

Procedure & Fees


Follow these steps to obtain a permit for commercial transportation
from people using buses and coaches:

  • Submit a corresponding application to the licensing authority responsible for you and attach all necessary documents to the application.
  • The authority processes your application and carries out the necessary hearing procedures.
  • You will receive a notification of the decision to issue the bus permit.
  • If necessary, you will receive the approval certificate.

Processing time

The processing time may vary between the responsible approval authorities.

The processing time can depend, among other things, on whether all documents relevant to the decision have been submitted or whether subsequent requests for documents become necessary.


The amount of the fees depends on the Cost Ordinance for Official Acts in Remunerated or Business Passenger Transport by Motor Vehicle (PBefGKostV) - in particular:

• the number of vehicles and

• the duration of the approval.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

  • Objection: Further information on how to lodge an objection can be found in the notification of your application.

  • Legal action before the administrative court if the objection is unsuccessful

Legal basis

§ 48 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG)

§ 49 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG)

Service description

Would you like to run a bus and coach company?
You can obtain the necessary approval for this from the approval authority responsible for you
apply for.

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Transport Trade Supervision
Authority for Transport and Mobility Turnaround
Alter Steinweg 4 20459 Hamburg

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Prior registration is required to drive on the authority premises and to park on the premises of the BWI/BVM. The contact person is Ms. Loßnitzer-Schwartz, telephone: 428 41-1563

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