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Apply for permission to be a bookmaker

If you, as a bookmaker, would like to place or arrange bets on public horse races, you must apply for permission in advance.

Important notes


  • You must have and be able to demonstrate the necessary personnel reliability.
  • They must have and be able to demonstrate the necessary economic performance and reliability.
  • You must have appropriate professional skills and experience and be able to demonstrate these.
  • You must have and be able to demonstrate the necessary commercial knowledge.

Documents required

  • Informal, written application for a bookmaking license
  • Form “Attachments to the application for a bookmaker’s license” including the evidence and documents specified therein.

Please note

According to the form “Attachment of the application for the issuance of a bookmaker’s license” the following information must be provided with the application:

  • Personal Data
  • Presentation of police clearance certificate
  • Certificate of clearance from the tax office and the building inspectorate
  • Certificate of freedom from tax debts
  • Extract from the debtor register
  • Proof of working capital of at least EUR 25,000
  • Proof of expertise
  • Passport photos
  • Rental agreement, site plan and area allocation plan for the location where the bookmaking business is to be carried out as well as information on other commercial activities that may be carried out at this location
  • Business registration
  • List of totalizers and bookmakers to whom referrals are made
  • Decision-relevant information on organizing horse betting (what is organized by whom, what types of bets are offered, betting program, limits)
  • When applying for an extension of the permit: List of sales from the last three years
  • Proof of security provided
  • Social concept, explanation of how the protection of minors should be ensured
  • Participation and general terms and conditions
  • For companies: extract from the commercial register and partnership agreement
The necessary regulatory, commercial and building permits and permits are not covered by the bookmaker license and must be applied for from other authorities.
Permission can be granted with time limits, conditions and a reserved right of withdrawal. It can also be limited to individual events.



Procedure & Fees


  • You apply for the bookmaker's license from the responsible authority.
  • Your application will be examined by the responsible authority.
  • If you meet all the requirements, you will receive a permit after completing the process.

Processing time

The processing time depends on the type and scope of the application as well as the quality of the documents submitted.


Permission for the public for a bookmaker and for a betting shop for one year each: EUR 500

for each additional betting office for the year: 80 EUR

Permission for a bookmaker and for a betting office for the people they want to use to place and arrange bets for one year each:

150 EUR

Permission for a bookmaker to place or arrange bets on a racetrack per day: EUR 25

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Service description

If you want to make or arrange bets on public performance tests for horses as a bookmaker, you need a permit.

Permission is granted for

  • the location where the bets are accepted or arranged and
  • the people you use to place and arrange bets.
In public performance tests for horses (e.g. horse racing), bookmakers can enter into betting contracts independently in their own name and for their own account or arrange betting contracts for a totalizator or another bookmaker or conclude betting contracts in their own name but for the account of others.
Bets must be offered at fixed odds on the racecourse for the races taking place on race day. Otherwise, the bookmaker is free to offer bets at the totalizer rate. As a bookmaker, you can have employees (bookmaker assistants) represent you when carrying out the bookmaking business when arranging and placing horse bets.

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