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Authority for Justice and Consumer Protection

Notification of animal husbandry according to the Livestock Transport Ordinance

If you would like to keep bee colonies, solipeds, ratites, game enclosures, camelids or other cloven-hoofed animals, you must notify the responsible authority in writing.

Important notes


You must report any keeping of the animals mentioned in Hamburg. There are no exceptions. Responsibility depends on where the animals are kept and not on where they live. Hamburg residents who do not keep their animals in Hamburg cannot register them in Hamburg.

Documents required

Include the following information in your ad:

  • names
  • Address
  • animal species
  • Number of animals kept on average per year
  • Type of use (e.g. breeding, fattening, hobby)
  • Place of animal husbandry

Please note

If you have not yet reported your animal ownership, please do so immediately. To do this, use the online service or the city of Hamuburg’s registration form.

Also inform the responsible authority immediately in writing of any changes or discontinuation of animal husbandry.

The official veterinarians in the district offices are responsible for implementing the Hamburg Dangerous Animals Act.


Immediately report the start of animal husbandry to the responsible authorities.

Also inform the responsible authority immediately of any changes or discontinuation of animal husbandry.

Procedure & Fees


  • Send the report to the responsible authority using the online service or reporting form.
  • The responsible authority will check your information and documents
  • If necessary, the responsible authority may request further documents or information from you.
  • The responsible authority will register your animal husbandry. It assigns a registration number for this
  • You will receive written confirmation of registration. The registration number will be communicated to you.

Processing time

The processing time is 3 to 4 weeks.



Service description

You must report the keeping of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, solipeds, chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, guinea fowl, partridges, pigeons, turkeys, quails, ratites, caged game, camelids and other cloven-hoofed animals to the responsible authority. Regardless of the size of the population, you must report the keeping of these animals at the latest when you start keeping them.
You must also immediately report the keeping of one or more bee colonies to the responsible authority.
You must also report any hobby keeping of these animal species to the responsible authorities.

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