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Recognition of training organizers for dangerous goods officers

If you would like to carry out training for dangerous goods officers, you must be recognized as a training organizer by the locally responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Important notes


  • Appropriate premises and facilities
  • Appropriate teaching material
  • Qualified teaching staff

Documents required

  • Curriculum/sample lesson plan (timetable) for the requested training courses with the following information:
    • Hourly schedule (with breaks)
    • Topic to be dealt with, including the planned timeframe
    • Type of instruction (e.g. lecture, teaching discussion, technical media, film presentation, exercises)
  • Documents from the teachers used as proof of professional and methodological didactic suitability
    • Professional background
    • Evidence of general knowledge of dangerous goods transport law
    • Evidence of the special knowledge for the respective training parts
    • Proof of ability to impart knowledge in a way that is suitable for adults
    • Submission of a valid training certificate for the transport carrier(s) to be trained
    • Declaration of willingness to act as a speaker
If necessary, further documents according to the specifications of your Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Please note




Procedure & Fees


You first apply for recognition as a training organizer at your local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

  • The IHK first examines the submitted documents such as curricula and teaching material.
  • If necessary, representatives of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce visit the teaching facility and check its suitability on site. If necessary, appraisal interviews are held with the teaching staff.
  • After examining the documents and the place of instruction, you will receive notification from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce about the recognition.
After your training center has been approved, you may offer courses for dangerous goods officers within the scope of the permit.

Processing time

Depending on the documents submitted, the application should be reviewed within three weeks of receipt. Carrying out an assessment interview with the teachers may lead to a longer processing time.


Please ask the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce about the fee for the recognition

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Section 5 paragraph 2 of the Dangerous Goods Transport Act (GGBefG)

§ 5 Dangerous Goods Officer Ordinance (GbV)

§ 7 paragraph 1 GbV Dangerous Goods Officer Ordinance (GbV)

Service description

This requires an application to the local IHK responsible for you. In the application you must, among other things:

  • indicate the extent of the recognition (road transport, inland waterway transport, rail transport, maritime transport);
  • enclose a timetable for each part of the course
  • indicate the existing teaching material, visual aids;
As the course organizer, you must have the necessary premises for conducting the theoretical teaching units of the partly practical parts of the course as well as the necessary training material. In addition, your teaching staff must be technically and pedagogically qualified.
The responsible IHK can inspect your premises and the teaching materials. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce can also contact the people you have specified as teachers in order to arrange appointments for additional appraisal interviews if necessary.
If the requirements are met, the recognition will be confirmed by a notice of recognition from the locally responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This shows for which modes of transport you are allowed to conduct training.

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