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With the KEHR.WIEDER campaign, together with many Hamburg cafés and bakeries, we want to encourage as many coffee-to-go fans as possible to use their own reusable cups.

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Save with your own mug!

With our KEHR.WIEDER campaign, together with many Hamburg cafés and bakeries, we want to encourage as many coffee-to-go fans as possible to use their own reusable cups.
For coffee-to-go fans with a heart for the environment

If you bring your own mug, you will receive a discount on your hot drink in all participating branches. In this way you ensure less garbage on the streets and at the same time save valuable raw materials and energy that would go into the production of disposable cups.

For a clean Hamburg

According to a random analysis of the wastepaper basket by the city cleaning department in the city centre, disposable packaging from the food sector accounts for the largest proportion of waste at 36 percent, with disposable cups accounting for 13 percent of the total mass. Consumers and companies are increasingly aware of this waste and resource problem. However, up until now, few customers have used their own reusable cups.

Alliance against disposable cups

The participating Hamburg coffee bar companies want to change this together with the authorities for the environment and energy. Together we want to make an effective contribution to reducing single-use cups with the campaign.

Hamburg gets a coffee-to-go deposit cup
Hamburg wants to reduce the mass of disposable cups: In 2016, a reusable cup was introduced in the canteen of the environmental authority, and various authorities and companies have since followed suit with their own cups. Since the end of 2017, there has been a discount of 10 to 30 cents for customers who bring their own reusable cups as part of the Kehrwieder campaign in almost 300 Hamburg cafés, shops and bakery branches. In November 2016, the citizenship had asked the Senate to initiate a deposit solution with a Kehrwieder coffee mug for Hamburg. The environmental authority then started an expression of interest process in order to find a partner with a convincing concept and business model for a deposit and return system. The choice now fell on the provider Recup.

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Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Authority
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