Apply for an extended training period or part-time training

The extension of the training period can be applied for in the case of problems in the training, failed exams or part-time training.

Important notes


For the extension in exceptional cases:

  • Long-term illness, because of which you missed a lot of content in vocational school and/or company
  • physical or mental disability
  • pregnancy and/or parental leave
  • Very bad result in your intermediate examination, so that you cannot expect to graduate within the regular training period
For an extension if you fail your final exam:
  • failed final exam
  • Company approval for extension
For part-time training:
  • Agreement of your part-time training with the training company
  • If you are still a minor, the consent of your legal representative is required in any case.

Documents required

  • amendment contract
  • For part-time: training contract
  • In the case of an extension in exceptional cases: if necessary, evidence justifying the extension of the training period

Please note

There are no hints or special features.


You must submit an application for an extension or an amendment before the end of your regular training period or immediately after receiving a non-pass notification.

Procedure & Fees


You submit an application for an extension of the training period to the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Depending on the reason for the extension, the further procedure varies:
For extensions in exceptional cases:

  • You apply for an extension of the training period.
  • Upon receipt, the circumstances will be checked and your training company will be heard. In individual cases, the vocational school can also be asked for an opinion.
  • You and your training company will receive confirmation of the change.
For part-time training:
  • You can apply for the reduction due to part-time work together with the application for registration of your training relationship at the beginning of the training.
  • You will usually receive the confirmation of the part-time training together with the confirmation of the registration of the training relationship.
In the case of an extension due to failure of the examination:
  • Immediately after receiving the notification of failure, you apply for an extension of the training period due to failure.
  • Your training company must agree to the extension.
  • You and your training company will receive confirmation of the change.

Processing time

If the documents are complete, they will usually be processed within 6 weeks.



Service description

There are several possible justifications for extending your training period:

  • Extension in exceptional cases
  • If you were ill for a long time, there were significant deficiencies in your training, or maternity leave/parental leave fell during the training period.
  • Part-time training
Even with part-time vocational training, you have the option of extending the regular training period. This part-time agreement is stipulated in the vocational training contract at the start of the training. You can also agree part-time for a limited period of training. For this please note:
  • The reduction in your daily or weekly training time may not be more than 50 percent of the full-time training.
  • The duration of your training period will be extended accordingly, but no more than 1.5 times your regular training period.
Please note that due to the extension of the training period in part-time training, it may happen that the end of the new contractual training period does not coincide with the central examination dates. In this case, you can apply for an extension of the training period until the next possible examination.

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