apply for parental allowance

If you care for your child after birth, you can apply for parental allowance to compensate for your missing income.

Important notes


  • You care for and raise your child yourself,
  • You are resident in Germany or usually reside here,
  • You live with your child in a shared household,
  • They are either not employed at all or usually do not work more than 32 hours per week
  • Their taxable income did not exceed EUR 250,000. For parents, the limit is usually EUR 300,000.

Documents required

  • Application for parental allowance
  • Birth certificate for applying for parental allowance (original)
  • Identity card or passport with residence permit
  • Certificate A (certificate from health insurance company / insurance company / human resources department)
  • Certificate B (proof of parental leave or part-time work up to 32 hours from the employer)
  • Certificate C (proof of pregnancy-related illness)
  • Pay slips at least 14 months before the birth of the child
  • Tax assessment from the year before the child’s birth
  • Income forecast for income while receiving parental allowance

Further documents may be required from you. You will be informed accordingly during the process.

Please note

You can use the parental allowance calculator from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs to help you with planning and calculations.

If you have complaints that the parental allowance office was unable to resolve, you can contact the relevant supervisory authority in your federal state.


You can only apply for parental allowance after the birth.

It is best to submit the application within the first 3 months of your child's life, because parental allowance is paid retrospectively for a maximum of 3 months.

Procedure & Fees


  • You submit your application along with all necessary documents to the responsible authority.
  • The responsible authority will examine your application and, if necessary, request any necessary documents from you.
  • The responsible body will inform you of the results of the examination in writing.

Processing time

You can obtain information from the responsible authority.



Legal notes

Legal remedies


Lawsuit before the Social Court

Legal basis

§§1 - 4d Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BEEG)

Service description

Parental allowance is a benefit for parents of babies and small children. It replaces part of the lost income if you want to be there for your child after the birth and interrupt or reduce your professional work. Parental allowance is also available for parents who had no income at all before the birth. If you want to claim parental allowance, you must apply to the responsible authority.

There are three types of parental allowance:

  • Basic Parental Allowance (BEG)
  • Parental Allowance Plus (EGP)
  • Partnership Bonus Months (PBM)

Parental Allowance Plus and Partnership Bonus Months provide you with particular support if you share paid work and family work after the birth. As parents, you can decide for yourself who will claim parental allowance and for what period.

Even if you are a single parent, you can apply for the various options. Parental allowance is also possible for adopted children and children in foster care.

The amount of parental allowance is calculated individually. The calculation is based on the income you had before the birth and the income that you no longer have after the birth. If you had no income at all before the birth or no income is lost after the birth, you will receive a minimum amount. For basic parental allowance, this is at least EUR 300.00 per month.

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