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If you would like to buy venison (roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar), we can offer you this broken up into the cover or rind (whole pieces).

Important notes



Documents required


Please note

  • The offer differs in the respective district forester's offices, depending on the available game species.
  • A delivery is not possible.


  • If necessary, waiting periods in the event of unavailability (waiting list, list of interested parties)

Procedure & Fees


  • You wrote an e-mail to the respective district forester with your interest in buying it
  • You pick up your goods on site by arrangement.

Processing time



The costs depend on the type of game and weight and are billed on the date of purchase according to the current game price list. These prices are net prices to which the currently valid VAT must be added (currently 7.00%). The prices are subject to normal market fluctuations and can therefore be adjusted.

The following payment methods are possible:

  • Girocard (not Volksdorf, Wohldorf/Ohlstedt, Duvenstedter Brook)

  • The invoice

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

It is a purchase contract according to the German Civil Code (BGB)

Service description

You can buy venison from roe deer, red deer, fallow deer or wild boar broken into the skin or rind (whole pieces). The game offered comes from the ecologically necessary hunting of the Hamburg state forests.
The offer differs in the respective district forester's offices depending on the available game species and depends on the hunting season.

The purchase is possible in the following district forester's offices:

  • Eissendorf district forester's office
  • district forester house smash,
  • Klövensteen Forest District
  • Forestry district in Volksdorf
  • District forester's office in Wohldorf/Ohlstedt
  • District forester's office Duvenstedter Brook.

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Department of Economy, Building and Environment
Specialized Office for Management of Public Space
Revierförsterei Volksdorf

Farmsener Landstraße 100

+49 40 6035380

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Economy, building and environment department
Public space management office
Duvenstedter Brook district forester

Duvenstedter Triftweg 251

+49 40 60761148

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Economy, Building and Environment Department
Public Space Management Office
Wohldorf-Ohlstedt Forest District

Kupferredder 54

+49 40 60561194

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Specialized Office Management of Public Space
Forst Klövensteen

Klövensteen 0 25482 Appen-Etz

+49 4101 693201

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