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Free Solo

If you only see one documentary this year, there’s a good chance it will be Free Solo. This 2018 Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Feature has enjoyed an amount of crossover success rare for documentaries. And no wonder, considering the nail-biting profile of rock climber Alex Honnold chronicles his groundbreaking climb of Yosemite National Park’s infamous El Capitan vertical rock formation without the aid of ropes. Free Solo, which was produced in part by National Geographic, is a technical marvel with stunning cinematography bound to produce a sense of vertigo in audiences. But it is also an intimate conversation on human perseverance and dedication, as well as on the obsession compels some among us to attempt such deadly feats.  

Free Solo opens in Hamburg on Thursday, 21 March. Multiple screenings in the original English at Abaton KinoSavoy Filmtheater and Zeise Kino.

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